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Creative Design Solutions That Get Results!

A Boutique Design Firm Offering Creative Branding, Design & Web Solutions

Design is a valuable investment in your business.  Working with a large agency can be very overwhelming and impersonal, especially for a business start-up or solopreneur.  The plethora of do-it-yourself options can be mind-boggling as well as confusing.  We offer you an alternative to the maze of design technology:  work one-on-one with an experienced creative solutions provider, with over 25 years experience, who is dedicated to your unique needs.


A strong brand is one of the most important design aspects your business can invest in.  It’s not just a logo, but your reputation, your values and your purpose.

Graphic Design

From business cards and brochures to trade-show banners and packaging. You name it, we can design it!

Web Design

Whether you need something totally custom and unique or something quick and simple, we offer a variety of Static and WordPress-based solutions to meet your specific needs and budget.


If you can record it, we can edit it!  From podcasts to demo reels, you name it… we can make it even more effective!

Our Clients Include:



Amy of Design Formare Inc. has designed several websites for us, including a membership site, a corporate site, and individual product sites. She has also designed logos and commissioned artwork. Everything Design Formare Inc. has created has been well beyond our expectations and has moved our business forward immensely. I truly believe we wouldn’t be where we are without Amy!

Dawn Shuler, CEO

The Shuler Group, LLC | TheShulerGroupLLC.com

Working with Amy and Design Formare is and has been, and I do not say this lightly, an absolute pleasure. As a longtime copywriting agency owner, I have worked with my fair share of virtual team members, and like most of us who have worked this way for any amount of time, I have been disappointed more than once. After kissing many frogs, so to speak, I was fortunate to have been referred to Amy by a mutual connection. There has never once been an exchange with Amy in which I did not think to myself, “Wow, what a breath of fresh air this is.” She is professional, flexible, resourceful, smart as a whip, funny and always radiating positive energy. I cannot say enough good things about working with Amy, and it’s not at all surprising her business is 100% referral-based. She is the real deal, and you’d be lucky to have her as part of your business team.

Allison Nazarian

Allison Media Group - A Copywriting Agency | AllisonMediaGroup.com

Hiring Amy as our web designer and admin for several of our websites is one of the best things I’ve done. Her depth of knowledge and skills on multiple online tools is beyond compare. She is talented, savvy, creative, and responsive. Not only does she manage our websites, she also helps with product development, email marketing, and app integration. Whenever I get the chance to recommend her services, I do.

Laurren Darr

Owner of Left Paw Press

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