Sara Blanchard - Web Developer/Software Engineer - Design Formare Inc

Sara Blanchard

Web Developer / Software Engineer

My Background

Though I now have over 10 years experience in web development, I had graduated college with a degree in Studio Art and Graphic Design. I have always had a love of art and in combination with my proficiency with computers Graphic Design made sense at the time. After working with HTML and CSS in a web design class, I realized that though I do have an artistic eye, the coding side of websites is what I enjoy the most.

After moving to Seattle, WA in 2010, I got a job that was working on a system similar to WordPress, but provided unique customization options. I learned jQuery/JavaScript on the job while providing our customers with the changes to the code, providing more custom options beyond what the platform did.

Over the years I have progressed from slight changes and updates learning multiple coding languages so that I not only am well versed in the Front-End of web development but have also expanded into the Back-End being able to provide Full-Stack skills and experience.

I have recently moved on from a larger company to branch out into Freelancing and working to develop my own business. I was lucky to have a friend who introduced me to Amy, providing me with this opportunity to utilize my skills in more varied ways while having time to work on other projects.

My Proficiencies

  • Coding Languages: JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, React.js, Angular.js, MySQL, Node.js, some PHP, Sequilize, Express.js
  • WordPress Websites
  • Adobe CC (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Audition, Premier, After Effects, Acrobat)
  • Microsoft Office

On the Personal Side

  • I am an avid reader, especially loving curling up and reading while it’s raining.
  • I love puzzles of all sorts – jigsaw, logic puzzles, sudoku, coding (which can be a puzzle), rings, Tower of Hanoi, and more.
  • I am an artist and hobbyist – painting, creating resin dice for D&D, bead jewelry making, minature painting, etc.
  • I have an obsession with Dungeons & Dragons.
  • Cruising is my favorite way to vacation.
  • I enjoy video games inculding Mass Effect, Destiny 2, Baldurs Gate 3, Horizon Zero Dawn and Cyberpunk 2077.
  • I have a wonderful cat Persephone who is my sweet old man.
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