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Providing quality home care is not a simple task, but since 1992, CareGivers of America has been recognized as the premier provider of home care in the tri-county areas of Broward, Dade and Palm Beach, Florida. They have achieved such success because of the value they place on their relationships, whether it be a client, an outside resource, or their team members. Relationships must be cultivated to be long lasting, which is why it’s their number one objective. They build bridges and it is for this reason they have a high number of returning clients and have maintained such longevity with their staff.

They have always aligned themselves with caring, compassionate and talented partners who recognize the importance of following through on the promises made to their valued clientele. Whether efforts are focused from within the office on day to day operations or those who provide the loving hands-on care they are known for, all of the staff at CareGivers of America are truly caregivers at heart.

Project Scope

  • Custom WordPress Website Rebuild
  • Ongoing Maintenance


The Process

The old website was not mobile friendly.  After determining that over half of the website’s visitors were using mobile phones or tablets to access the site, CareGivers agreed to have me build them a mobile-responsive and modern looking website.  

I also updated the branded red to a fresher, brighter red.  The new site allows for those on mobile devices to easily phone CareGivers.  In addition to the improved design I also added proper SEO to boost their ranking in search engine results.

Design Formare recently revamped our website and brought it into the 2020’s. It’s now clean, modern, and easy to use. Amy was extremely patient and thoughtful in listening to our requests and vision for the site. She has been supportive, communicative and insightful every step of the way, grounded in the knowledge of her profession.

Thanks to working with Amy, we now have exactly the website and ongoing support that we’ve always wanted to have. She is a consummate professional with great style and design perspectives. We’re thrilled and highly satisfied to continue our relationship with her.

Luna Fuentes

Efficiencies, Change and Relations Manager, CareGivers of America

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Design Formare Inc - CareGivers of America Website Before


Design Formare Inc - CareGivers of America Website Before


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