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Ellen Koronet is a self-proclaimed Creativity Engagement Methodologist. As principal of LNK Creative since 2004, she implements and provides storied insight through creativity and game-based qualitative and quantitative research design. Her main modality is quizzes and brand personality typing tools: She has created a Whole Brain Marketing system that voices the intricately unique brilliance of your Brand and broadcasts it to speak directly with your untapped audience and your client base. This engagement produces warm leads and repeat buyers, which makes it easy to create a seamless stream of loyal referrals.

Project Scope

  • Custom WordPress Website Rebuild
  • Ongoing Maintenance


The Process

Ellen’s previous website was outdated and was lacking proper flow and direction for visitors. Since she specializes in custom quizzes, she wanted the website to heavily promote that particular service.  The design elimated all the hard edges and lines and replaced them with rounded corners, waves, swoops and swooshes.  This aligns with the look and feel of her logo and her branding in general. 

I utilized brighter colors and gradients both in her existing logo and throughout the website as a whole.  The colors are much more vibrant, prominent and fun!  The site’s home page is much more focused and structured with SEO in mind.  

With my mission being all about cracking brands and their people out of confining boxes, I needed a site that breaks out of blinding constructs and invites the reader to play and engage. Amy and her team accomplished this with flying colors AND gave me just enough control to allow me to pivot in real time, without the unwanted opportunity to mess things up! Cases in point: Vlog content posts in the “blog” space, complete with interactive quizzes, 2024 media page which I’m keeping up to date, and plenty of opportunity to click for more personal insight and lead magnifying! DesignforMare also maintains my site, so I’m never distracted by glitches and worries! All for a very reasonable price, on time, and on target!

Ellen Koronet

Owner, LNK Creative


Design Formare Inc - LNK Creative Website After


Design Formare Inc - LNK Creative Website BEFORE


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