Pit Bull Advocates

The conundrum surrounding pit bull type dogs has lasted for an unprecedented 20+ years. Misconceptions plague society throughout our country and the world. Resolution depends on a united understanding of the origins and evolution of the misjudgment, and a concerted, consistent approach to a solution.

Pit Bull Advocate’s mission is to unite communities by reducing misconceptions surrounding dogs perceived as pit bulls through compassion and science-based knowledge. Since 2008 their small group of intensely dedicated volunteers has worked tirelessly to provide advocacy, offer owner support and do a little rescue. They are Changing Minds & Saving Lives and hope you’ll join them to become part of the solution.

Project Scope

  • Custom WordPress Website

The Process

Michele came to me with a WordPress website that was NOTHING like what she had wanted.  The website had a lot of issues and it was a struggle to update. She had invested a lot of time an resources into the site and was simply frustrated with the whole thing.

She allowed me to come to the rescue and I built her a custom WordPress site that fit her vision.

I personally maintain the website along with Michele and Victoria.

Pit Bull Advocates is a non-profit organization and I invite you to visit the site to educate yourself about pit bulls and if you have the means please donate to support their efforts.

You’ve gone so far above and beyond on this! I’ve waited for 10 years for this site and now it was worth every day!

Michelle Serocki

Owner, Pit Bull Advocates

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