The Sacred Spiral Academy

The Sacred Spiral Academy is designed for spiritual and energy practitioners who are ready to enhance their gifts and begin or expand their holistic endeavors. It’s a safe, accepting place for students to explore themselves, explore their abilities, and to root themselves deeply in their power and their unique truths.

Project Scope

  • Develop a custom theme from client-supplied website design

The Process

My amazingly talented designer colleague Susan D. Johnson came to me with this beautiful design layout she had created for SSA’s website.  Susan and I have collaborated on many websites over the years and it’s always a blast working with her.  The clients she brings my way are equally wonderful.

Susan’s design did pose a bit of a challenge for me to develop but in the end everything worked out wonderfully and the website is just beautiful.  Susan’s design relies heavily upon her superb image choices.  Every page has a large and beautiful hero image with a title.

The website is being maintained by Sacred Spiral Academy.

Thank you so much for all of your talent and hard work on the website. People have been commenting about how much they love it. One person even said “I want my website to look like yours when I start my business”.

You know I run my business based on the feels and energy, and I couldn’t be any happier with how much good juju you packed into the site. You went way past the extra mile, in more ways than one, and I am so grateful that it was you I was led to for this project.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I’m sending you gobs and gobs of support, gratitude, and excitement~

Bobbi Gamache

Owner, The Sacred Spiral Academy