WordPress Custom Website Design & Development

I specialize in customized websites built on the WordPress (stand-alone) platform.  I utilize a handful of great theme frameworks that allow me to create almost any layout solution imaginable.  When that’s not enough utilize HTML, CSS and modest PHP & Javascript editing.  The websites I create are fully responsive and mobile-friendly.  I take great care in making sure that everything I do meshes with Google’s standards, ensuring the best chance of visibility in search results.

Conversion to WordPress

If you have a website that you love but want it on the WordPress platform that can be accomplished via a website conversion.  I do my best to maintain the look, feel and structure of your existing website as much as possible and where needed implement new aspects that you may want or need, utilizing WordPress plugins.

Membership & eCommerce Integration

Whether you have an existing WordPress website or having a new one developed, if you have a need for a membership or eCommerce aspect I can help with that!  I offer support for the following membership, eCommerce & conversion plugins:

Ongoing Maintenance & Support

Once your website has launched if you require ongoing maintenance and/or support I offer several options to suit your needs.  WordPress itself along with the theme framework and any installed plugins need to be kept up to date.  I offer an affordable, yet valuable, monthly insurance package that includes daily updates as needed, daily database backups and full or partial restoration in the event of a website melt-down.

For ongoing needs such as updating content and images, adding new pages and layouts, adding additional features, etc I offer a retainer rate discounted package along with straight hourly billing.

Copywriting & Content Creation Services

While I personally do not offer these services I do work with a wonderful team of writers to whom I can refer you.  So if you are in need of a website but do not even know where to begin I can point you in the right direction.  All websites start with well-written and effective copy.